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Sexual assistance, already existing since many years in many European countries, is aimed to guarantee the emotional and psychological well-being of people with handicap and emotional and relational marginalization, and it is carried out by educated operators.

It helps who isn’t able to choose since it is also a question of civilization.

Sexual assistance to a person with a physical, intellectual or mental handicap was created to enjoy a practice concerning psychological and emotional well-being. Constantly repressed, blocked and not educated sexual instincts, when they are shown whether in an autonomous or relational context, produce a constant and progressive mental and physical stress with consequences, even remarkable, on your health.

• Certain forms of physical disability limit or make impossible the use of your hands in order to take care of your body, and make physical and sexual interaction with any consenting partner, whether able-bodied or disabled, difficult or prohibitive. • Sexual assistance is essentially a rational interactive practice, empathetic and communicative, carried out through the body and sensory experiences in a relationship of mutual respect and trust between the disabled person and the person who provides sexual and emotional assistance.

• Assistance is defined sexual and affective because both the person and his/her body are considered in their entirety, aiming to create a sexual love both psychological and epidermal. The genital area is generally excluded during the massage and treated with more detachment or embarrassment by the formal or informal care-giver, who assists the disabled person in his/her bodily functions of every day. During sexual and emotional assistance the genital area, against mutual consent and availability between the disable and the person who practices the activity, might be subject / object of attention and manipulation in order to weaken and remove stress and impulses accumulated and caused by functional, social or cultural inhibitions and obstacles , and by the lack of privacy and personal intimacy.

Sexual assistance to disable people is carried out by volunteers who have attended training courses about medical, legal, social, ethical and sexual topics and who have developed a great sensitivity towards the others and open-mindedness towards sexuality. These qualifications are the basis for a job that allows people with disabilities to re-discover his/her own body as a source of pleasure and not only of suffering and daily discomforts, through physical contact, caresses, massage, hugs, erotic games, or simply through the presence, love and humanity. They can be defined as “givers” of ” physical / sexual happiness ” for those to whom life has made difficult the joy of eroticism and the emotional relationship.

This is only a brief summary of a detailed manifest of this figure. For further information, please contact us.